Genetic Counseling

We encourage our patients to seek genetic counseling pre/post genetic testing to better educate themselves about the procedure, benefits, limitations and possible consequences of genetic testing.

No Extra Cost

For that reason we offer genetic counseling services at NO extra cost through our partners at Metis Genetics. Metis Genetics provides web-based expert genetic counseling services via video sessions.

Genetic counselor can work with you and your physician to provide emotional support as you make your decisions, help you understand complex genetic information presented by Ayass BioScience, LLC and empower you with information for your overall healthcare.

Start Complimentary Genetic Counseling

If you have any questions about Ayass BioScience, LLC Genetic Counseling, please call today at 972-668-6005 or fill out our contact form on the bottom of this page. We will answer any question you might have.