Ayass BioScience, LLC – Hormone Ball

– Diabetes Mellitis, Types 1 and 2 (26 Hormones)  – Hypothalamic and Pituitary Function (14 Hormones)  – Growth Hormones (8 Hormones) – Lipid Disorders (14 Hormones) – Gonads (24 Hormones) – Endocrine Autoimmunity (16 Hormones) – Parathyroid and Mineral Metabolism (13 Hormones) – Endocrine Hypertension (10 Hormones) – Thyroid Function (13 Hormones) – Adrenal Medullary Function (4 Hormones) – Adrenocortial Function (6 Hormones)

We are still working on Improving Time of Hormone Ball Loading (if an “InvalidStateError”occur, please check “ok” and a ball will appear). On mouse click, ball will turn in any direction and on double click, hormones will pop out of the ball.

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