Bioinformatics Services

Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis

Our experienced bioinformatics specialists can help with any type of data analysis related to NGS. All these services can be customized depending on your requirements. The number of hours required for your project, specific objectives, and defined deliverables will be estimated during the initial consultation.

  • Sequence Quality control, e.g. adapter trimming
  • ChIP-Seq analysis
    • Read alignment: mapping sequencing reads to the reference genome
    • Peak calling: identify binding sites of the protein of interest
    • Data visualization
  • Microbial genomics if reference genome is available
  • Pathway enrichment analysis(GSEA)
    • A common approach to interpreting gene expression data is gene set enrichment analysis based on the functional annotation of the differentially expressed genes. We can help with gene set enrichment and pathway analysis using online open source and commercial tools listed below. We also offer Network analysis in complementary to pathway analysis.
    • DAVID
    • GSEA
    • Ingenuity (licence required)
    • Reactome
  • Comparative genomics
    • Aligning a pair of or multiple short sequences, molecular phylogenetics, sequence-based database searching, aligning a pair of or multiple genomes, multi-locus sequence typing and gene/protein clustering.
  • Analysis of epigenetic modifications, e.g. from methylation/chromatin data
  • Variant calling and variant annotation
  • RNA Seq analysis
  • Our bioinformatics team can help with transcriptome analysis (RNA-Seq projects), including expression analysis and isoform detection.
  • Cross-platform integration
    • Integration of SNP / polymorphism data
    • Integration with new genomics tools (epigenetics, chromatin structure)
    • Identification of relevant data in public repositories
    • Normalization of diverse datasets
    • Data formatting and updates
  • Computational assistance with experimental design
    • sequence retrieval
    • primer design

Statistical Analysis Services

  • Logical checks of data
  • Tests of hypotheses
  • Development of statistical models
  • Testing of statistical assumptions for tests and models
  • Plots illustrating the results of analyses
  • Help with drafting abstracts, talks, posters, and manuscripts
  • Significance testing through randomization / numerical simulations
  • Statistical reporting

Designing Panel for Agena

  • Customized pharmacogenomics, cancer panels
  • Custom panel for small scale clinical use

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