Getting to the “Heart” of The Science

Dr. Ayass is a practicing physician specialized in pulmonary and critical care medicine. He received his medical doctor degree at Damascus University College of Medicine, then completed his post-doc training at the University of Michigan and University of Tennessee. He completed his board certification in internal medicine and pulmonary disease and opened his own pulmonary clinic in west Texas and the DFW area. He is the founder of Ayass Lung Clinic, PLLC, Ayass Laboratory, LLC, and Ayass Bioscience, LLC.


Dr. Ayass believes in integrating molecular medicine into clinical practice in what he calls “Engineering the Medical Practice”. The fact that one of the most preventable diseases, thrombosis, kills more than 350,000 people every year has led Dr. Ayass to build a thrombosis and autoimmune and anti-phospholipids center where he was able to connect the association of many disease entities with the increased risk of thrombosis. Given Dr Ayass’s interest in understanding the molecular aspect of diseases, he established the GEO program (Genetic/Genomic, Epigenetic, and Omics program), with which he has generated genetic/ transcriptomic data through next generation sequencing and microarrays and linked them to the proteomic and metabolomic data generated by mass spectrometry.

In addition, he envisions the immune system as the mother of all systems, and therefore opened the flow cytometry laboratory to help understand the role of patho-physiology in diseases. Dr. Ayass established an aptamer laboratory that allows the discovery of aptamers for diagnostic and therapeutic applications in the fields of coagulation, allergy, cancer, and COVID-19. During the pandemic, Ayass Laboratory, LLC became among the best COVID-19 testing centers in Texas with the ability to turn around results in less than 24 hours for about 10,000 samples per day. Sequencing of SARS-CoV-2 by a team of scientists that was led by Dr. Ayass resulted in the discovery of the first Delta and Omicron variants in the DFW area. Dr. Ayass leads a team of scientists in designing panels for next generation sequencing that can turn around results in about 24 hours. At that point, it was quick and easy to generate data; however, the interpretation was lagging. For this reason, Dr. Ayass opened the bioinformatics department where data mining, creating algorithms for data analysis, and reporting became a major goal for our genomics program.

In the world of cancer, the focus is not only in providing data to help in chemo and immune therapies but also to be able to predict metastasis, which plays a key role in cancer survival. This led to an investigation of spatial profiling and single cell sequencing, and looking more in depth into cancer stem cell profiling, which is a key player in treatment resistance along with its role in cancer metastasis and ultimately cancer survival. Dr. Ayass plays a key role in the research and development at Ayass Bioscience, LLC and Ayass Laboratory, LLC.

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