Getting to the “Heart” of The Science

“We are trying to find answers to very difficult questions in medicine today.  We are departing from the generic way of practicing medicine to focus on being precise in our search for clues for problem solving. I would like our doctors, our scientists and our scientific community to get integrated more, to find a much better understanding of disease development, to create accurate testing and ultimately much better targeted therapy which will result in healthier outcomes for all patients.” Dr. Ayass

Dr. Ayass, is a pulmonary specialist, nephrologist, and intensivist. In his medical practice, Dr. Ayass has focused interest in autoimmune disease, acute lung injury, interstitial pneumonitis, and coagulopathy. He is an advocate for “translational medicine” and is dedicated to helping close the gap between medical science and the clinical practice by offering advanced diagnostics services and support to local physicians and the community.
In 2004 he established Ayass Lung Clinic in San Angelo, Texas, and in 2014 he opened Ayass Lung Clinic and Sleep Center in Frisco with state-of-the-art immunology, coagulation and pharmacogenomics laboratory, and expanded services that include next generation sequencing (NGS) and DNA methylation sequencing laboratory. Recently, Dr. Ayass introduced GEO-AP (Genomics – Epigenomes – Omics – Aptamer) research and test program to better understand disease pathways.

Dr. Ayass dedicated his life to science by following innovations in molecular biology as the key for better understanding disease manifestations; helping to bring early detection for improved patient outcomes. He is committed to patient well-being, and delivering superior patient care drives his medical practice’s mission. He has surrounded himself with an esteemed team of scientists and a dedicated staff in order to provide “Excellence in Practicing Precision Medicine”.

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