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Ayass BioScience, LLC (DBA as Ayass Lung Clinic, PLLC) is a CLIA certified laboratory performing advanced Next Generation Sequencing (Genetic Testing), Pharmacogenetic Testing, Hormone Measurement , Toxicology Testing, Circulating Tumor DNA Sequencing, Respiratory Pathogens Testing, and Laboratory Testing. Ayass BioiScience, LLC is working on Aptamers Research and Testing. Ayass BioScience, LLC aims to be at the forefront of latest advancements in precision medicine to provide you with the most effective prevention and treatment options possible.

Small Volume Blood Hormone Measurement

We have developed the first LC/MS based method for the detection and measurement of 28 different hormones using SVB

1α,25-hydroxyvitamin D3
25-hydroxyvitamin D3
DHEA Sulfate
5α-Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)
17-Hydroxypregnenolone Hyperglycosyla
Estradiol or 17β-Estradiol

Low quantities of hormones circulate in the blood. Hormone concentrations can be as low as one billionth of a milligram. Accurate measurement of hormones require very sensitive assays. A small volume blood (serum) test provides a sensitive assessment of circulating hormones with well-established measurement reference ranges. The high sensitivity and high throughput of our analyzer enables reproducible and accurate quantification.

A new generation of diagnostic testing allows us to perform tests with small amount of blood. Using as little as a few drops of blood (0.5 ml for SVB versus 10 ml for Venous) collected from a single finger prick we are able to detect and quantitate the levels of various hormones.

Lower Cost Hormone Testing

The list of 28 hormones includes steroid hormones and peptide hormones. Steroid hormones are in turn divided into mineralocorticoids, glucocorticoids, and gonadocorticoids (sex steroids).

Hormone Measurement

Pharmacogenetic Testing

Clinically Actionable Pharmacogenetic Tests to Determine Right Medication and Dosage

Valuable Information for Actionable Treatment Recommendations

Actionable pharmacogenetic biomarkers identify genetic fingerprints to help determine the tailored treatment plan. Incorporating genetic testing into the drug prescription process can help improve efficacy and reduce adverse effects. Medications and dosage may be assessed in the following areas of clinical care: hypertension, hyperlipidemia, arrhythmia, anti-coagulation, thrombophilia, depression, psychosis, anxiety, ADHD, musculoskeletal pain, arthritis, migraine, neuropathic, and more.

Pharmacogenetic Testing

Genetic Testing

We are Bridging Science to Clinical Practice and Take a 360 Degree Personalized Look to Evaluate Your Well Being

At Ayass Bioscience, LLC we offer genetic testing that provides authentic genomic information at an affordable cost. Genetic test results can help you make informed decisions about managing your health care and direct you toward available prevention, monitoring and treatment options. We use state of the art Next Generation Sequencing Technology that provides accuracy up to 99% in detecting genomic variants.
We encourage our patients to seek Genetic Counseling pre/post genetic testing to better educate themselves about the procedure, benefits, limitations and possible consequences of genetic testing.

Genetic Testing

Laboratory Testing

From Standard Testing to Customized Assays

Laboratory Testing
– IgM-RF
– IgA-RF
– Anti-SM
– Anti-Scl-70
– Anti-dsDNA
– Anti-SS-A
– Anti-SS-B
– Anti-Jo-1
– Anti-RNP-70
– Anti-U1-RNP
– Anti-PR3
– Anti-MPO
– Anti-GBM
– Anti-CardioLipin-IgM
– Anti-CardioLipin-IgG
– Anti-CardioLipin-IgA
– Phosphatidylserine IgG
– Phosphatidylserine IgM
– Phosphatidylserine IgA
– C1q CIC
– Centromere
– Histone
– Ribosomal P
– CCP3.1
– Chromatin
– Beta-2 GlyP 1 Abx IgA
– Beta-2 GlyP 1 Abx IgM
– Beta-2 GlyP 1 Abx IgG
– LAC/DRVVT “Lupus AntiCoagulant”
– SCT “Silica Clotting Time”
– aPS/PT IgG
– aPS/PT IgM
– Beta-2 GlyP 1 Abx IgA
– Beta-2 GlyP 1 Abx IgM
– Beta-2 GlyP 1 Abx IgG
– Anti-CardioLipin-IgM
– Anti-CardioLipin-IgG
– Anti-CardioLipin-IgA
– LAC/DRVVT “Lupus AntiCoagulant”
– SCT “Silica Clotting Time”
– Phosphatidylserine IgG
– Phosphatidylserine IgM
– Phosphatidylserine IgA
– aPS/PT IgG
– aPS/PT IgM
Total IgE
Allergen Specific IgE
Total IgA
Total IgG
Total IgM
– Fibrinogen Activity
– Protein C Activity
– Protein S Activity
– ATT III Activity
– APCR Screen F V
– Factor VIII Activity
– aPTT
– LAC/DRVVT “Lupus AntiCoagulant”
– SCT “Silica Clotting Time”
– PT
– Homocysteine
– D-Dimer
– Factor II
– Factor V
– Factor VII
– Factor IX
– Factor X
– Factor XI
– Factor XII
– Plasminogen
– Plasmin inhibitor
– HsC-Reactive Protein
– Apolipoprotein A1
– Apolipoprotein B
– D-Dimer
– Troponin I
– Myoglobin
– Homocysteine
– Fibrinogen
– Cortisol
– Estradiol
– Inhibin A
– LH
– Progesterone
– Testosterone Free
– Testosterone Total
– Prolactin
– Vitamin D, 25 (OH)
– HGH (Human Growth Hormone)
– FT3
– TT4
– T-Uptake
– Tg (Thyroglobulin)
– Tg Ab II
– TPO- Ab
– C3
– C4
– Kappa
– Lambda
– eGFR
– Folate
– Intrinsic Factor
– Vit B12
– sTfR
– Ferritin
– CBC with Diff
– Iron Total
– Iron Saturation
– Uric Acid
– Magnesium
– Phosphorous
– CK
– Lactate
– Gliadin DP IgA
– Gliadin DP IgG
– Tissue TransGlutaminase (tTG) Antibodies IgG
– Tissue TransGlutaminase (tTG) Antibodies IgA
– Mitochondria M2 Antibody (M2) IgG
– Alpha-1 Anti-Trypsin
– CA 125 (Ovarian)
– CA 15-3 (Breast)
– CA 19-9 (GI)
– CEA (Carcinoembryonic Antigen)
– Alfa Fetoprotein
– PSA, Total
– PSA, Free

ctDNA Sequencing

Circulating Tumor DNA Detecting and Monitoring Up to 99% of Mutations (Liquid Biopsies)

Cancer cells carry somatic mutations that make the tumor grow and progress. Such mutations are not inherited and because they are only found in the tumor cell DNA, they can be used as important biomarkers. ctDNA or circulating tumor DNA are pieces of DNA from dying cancer cells found in the blood of cancer patients.
At Ayass Bioscience, LLC, we are employing a minimally invasive method that utilizes a few milliliters of plasma from patients. ctDNA is isolated from the plasma sample and sequenced using our Illumina platform. Using this technology we are able to detect mutations in genes associated with cancer. Identifying somatic mutations that originate from cancer cells can provide insight to tumor classification and therefore help provide effective therapy.

ctDNA Sequencing

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