This gene encodes a reverse-direction motor protein that moves toward the minus end of actin filaments and plays a role in intracellular vesicle and organelle transport. The protein consists of a motor domain containing an ATP- and an actin-binding site and a globular tail which interacts with other proteins. This protein maintains the structural integrity of inner ear hair cells and mutations in this gene cause non-syndromic autosomal dominant and recessive hearing loss. Alternative splicing results in multiple transcript variants encoding distinct isoforms. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2014]

  • Intracellular protein transport
  • Endocytosis
  • Actin filament organization
  • Sensory perception of sound
  • Protein transport
  • Deafness, autosomal dominant 22
  • Deafness, autosomal recessive 37
  • Rare genetic deafness
  • Autosomal dominant non-syndromic sensorineural deafness type dfna
  • Autosomal recessive non-syndromic sensorineural deafness type dfnb

Emw. Structure of the MYO6 protein. Based on PyMOL rendering of PDB 2bkh.

Gene Location