We always believe and trust the engineering industry, so that when we travel, we don’t ride a plane that has the potential of not working 50% or even 10% of the time nor do we ride a car that has a potential of engine failure at 40% or even 3%. Yet in medicine, with the medications that we take, the response rate averages at 52%, with the best among them at 75% – and yet we take them anyway!
Can you think about it for a second!?

Is this acceptable? Is this OK?? Our medications’ failure rate averages


WOW…. and yet we are still taking them all, still trusting in the industry of pharmaceuticals that we should keep taking these medicines!

We must do more engineering, more data collection and analysis, more appropriate and accurate prediction of outcomes.

It is about writing the road map toward more precise medical detection for illnesses that mandates better data entry and ultimately will have a much better clinical outcome.
Our advanced testing aims to improve understanding of genetic pathways in order to deliver precise medicine leading to highly effective treatments well beyond traditional treatments in standard care.