Sample type: Our next generation sequencing panels are performed using genomic DNA purified from human whole blood specimen. Our laboratory’s technology can accommodate samples collected by medical grade foam tipped buccal swab, making it a viable alternative to a trip to the phlebotomist and reducing the impact of blood-drawing on patients’ health. We also accept genomic DNA samples that are isolated in other laboratories.

Any sample that is shipped to Ayass Bioscience, LLC has to meet our requirements.

If your genomic DNA is already available simply request a shipping label and mail the sample to us!

Pre-extracted genomic DNA Samples:

We accept genomic DNA extracted from the organ tissues such as skin, liver, muscle, or kidney tissue.
Samples will be processed for sequencing if they meet the following criteria:
The minimum amount of DNA accepted is 25 ug at a concentration of 50 ng/uL as measured by a fluorometric method. The full genomic DNA sample will be consumed.

As soon as a genomic DNA sample is received, its quality and the quantity will be assessed. If the sample does not meet the requirements documented in section b, you will be informed by phone. The sample will be either returned or discarded after receiving a request in writing at no cost.
Samples should aliquoted and mailed in a sterile, RNAse and DNAse free tubes.
The tubes containing genomic DNA should be labeled with the patient’s full name, date of birth and medical record number (if applicable) and sample collection date.

Once the order is submitted, a shipping label will be sent via email.
Sample should be shipped in a crush-resistant container overnight for next day delivery at ambient temperature with arrival Monday-Friday during normal business hours. For international shipping or if the weather is hot, a cool pack can be included. If the sample is frozen, it should be shipped overnight using cool packs.

Fill and include genomic DNA Sample Form in the package.
Print a completed copy of the genomic DNA Sample form as well as the test order ID generated when the order was submitted and ship it with the genomic DNA sample.

If you have any questions about Specimen Requirements for Genetic Testing at Ayass BioScience, LLC, please call today at 972-668-6005 or fill out our contact form on the bottom of this page. We will answer any question you might have.