COVID-19 is a “Perfect Storm for Heart Health according to the World Heart Federation.

1. Individuals with COVID-19 and heart disease are at the highest risk of death and severe complications.

2. The heart might be adversely affected by COVID-19 even if individuals don’t have any pre-existing conditions.

3. Fear of contracting COVID-19 has led to a sharp decline in hospital visits by heart patients.

4. Fear of contracting COVID-19 has led to a sharp decline in assessing risk for developing cardiovascular disease.

Our entire vascular system, not only our hearts, are in danger and we need to act now. Today we have a unique opportunity to unite and to mobilize our skills to keep our hearts healthy. Our test might give you the advance knowledge that you might develop heart disease or that you might have a 50% increased risk of suffering a heart attack, which can help you make decisions that will limit the risk.

BE PROACTIVE NOW– Know your genetic predisposition to various types of cardiac conditions (heart diseases) and TAKE ACTION BASED ON YOUR RESULTS TODAY!

Our genetic testing identifies changes in your genes that could increase your risk for developing a serious, inherited form of heart disease, even if you are generally healthy and without personal or family history.

Also, this test in not invasive, because our laboratory’s technology can accommodate samples collected by medical grade foam tipped buccal swab, making it a viable alternative to a trip to the phlebotomist and reducing the impact of blood-drawing on patients’ health.

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