COMPONENT Allergy Testing!

No More Skin Pricks or Oral Food Challenge for Allergy Testing. Ayass Bioscience can help you determine your allergies to Food (Milk, Eggs, Soy/Soybean, Shrimp, Wheat, Fish, Crab, Oat, Cheese, Gluten, Bean, Spices, Nuts, Trees, Grass, Vegetables, Fruits, Insects, Animals, Microorganisms, Latex, Cotton, etc. and even their specific componentswith a simple blood draw.

Are you itchy? Are you suffering from sneezes and sniffles? Sometimes these may be coupled with other symptoms you wouldn’t expect, such as stomach pain, diarrhea or cough. Did you know that such symptoms could be related to allergies? Identifying the allergen and the component that are causing such symptoms the key to determining the best route for appropriate help and optimal symptom relief.

What is Component Allergy Testing?

Component allergy testing pinpoints specific proteins in allergens that may be causing allergic symptoms.
Why is it important to get tested for components?

Accurate diagnosis of food allergies is important to avoid serious allergic reactions and prevent unnecessary dietary restrictions. Did you know that 70% of children with egg allergies do not react to baked eggs, while 75% of children with milk allergies do not react to baked milk? Component Allergy Testing will help clarify what parts of the food are causing the allergies, helping you to better understand which foods are safe to eat.

Choose from our pre-selected panel of the most common 62 allergen and 20 allergy components or, if you’d like to learn more about our exhaustive allergen testing menu with 419 allergen and 61 components, please contact us – we have helpful information for you!